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COVID-19 Drop-In Pre-registration for Priority Groups

Ottawa Public Health (OPH) has increased drop-in capacity at some community clinics for priority groups. If you belong to a group identified below, please register your information today to receive notice of upcoming drop-in appointment.

Currently, priority groups for drop-in appointments are:

  • Individuals 60+
  • Education workers and childcare workers.
  • Employees, volunteers or caregivers of long-term care homes and retirement homes. 
  • Pregnant individuals

Based on the recommendation of the Chief Medical Officer of Health and in alignment with the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI), the eligibility for a third doses (booster doses) of the COVID-19 vaccine is at least 84 days (approximately 3 months) since the last dose.

Contact Information

Ottawa Public Health may use this information to contact you via text, email, or phone if there are same-day doses available at community clinics.

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