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COVID-19 Vaccine Wait List

Eligible health care workers that need a second dose can complete this form weekly to sign up to receive end of day doses that are available at community clinics.

This list resets each Saturday at 11:59 PM. If you still require a second dose, please re-register after this time every week.

Currently, eligible health care workers who can receive a second dose at shorter interval include:

  • All patient-facing health care workers involved in the COVID-19 response:
    • COVID-19 Specimen Collection Centers (e.g., Assessment centers, community COVID-19 testing locations)
    • Teams supporting outbreak response (e.g., IPAC teams supporting outbreak management, inspectors in the patient environment, redeployed health care workers supporting outbreaks or staffing crisis in congregate living settings)
    • COVID-19 vaccine clinics and mobile immunization teams
    • Mobile Testing Teams
    • COVID-19 Isolation Centers
    • COVID-19 Laboratory Services
    • Current members of Ontario’s Emergency Medical Assistance Team (EMAT) who may be deployed at any time to support an emergency response
  • Medical First Responders
    • ORNGE
    • Paramedics
    • Firefighters providing medical first response as part of their regular duties
    • Police and special constables providing medical first response as part of their regular duties
  • Community health care workers serving specialized populations including:
    • Needle exchange/syringe programs and supervised consumption and treatment services
    • Indigenous health care service providers including but not limited to:
      • Aboriginal Health Access Centers, Indigenous Community Health Centers,
      • Indigenous Interprofessional Primary Care Teams, and Indigenous Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinics
  • Individuals working in Community Health Centers serving disproportionally affected communities and/or communities experiencing highest burden of health, social and economic impacts from COVID-19
  • Home and community care health care workers, including nurses and personal support workers caring for recipients of chronic homecare and seniors in congregate living facilities or providing hands-on care to COVID-19 patients in the community
  • Long-term care home and retirement-home health care workers, including nurses and personal support workers and Essential Caregivers

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Vaccination details and availability

By completing this form:

  • you are indicating you are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination
  • you agree to be placed on an OPH wait list to receive end of day doses at community vaccination clinics
  • you may be called when doses are available, and told to arrive at a specific location within 30 minutes to receive a dose

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