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Personal Service Setting Special Event Vendor Application Form

Special events in the City of Ottawa that offer personal services on site must comply with all applicable sections of the Health Protection and Promotion Act, Ontario Regulation 136/18 Personal Service Settings.

Special events include conventions, expos, shows, and fairs.

You must notify Ottawa Public Health by completing and submitting the Vendor Application a miniumum of 14 days prior to the event.

Business Information

Owner / Operator Information:

Alternate Contact:

Event Information

Is this your first time providing personal services at a special event?
Will you be attending more than one event?
Vendor Set Up:
Types of services I will be offering at the event:
Will services be provided to the public?

Instruments and Sterilization

Reprocessing / sterilization of instruments is not permitted onsite.

It is recommended to use instruments that are single-use disposable and to bring multiple instrument sets for service onsite.

I will only be using single-use disposal instruments at this event.
I will transport clean and sterilized equipment in labelled containers.
I will have instruments requiring sterilization (e.g., needles, jewelry, and forceps) that will be prepackaged and sterilized prior to arriving at the venue.
Items sterilized at my business location will have the date of sterilization indicated on the package.
Copies of the three most recent spore testing results will be on site from the sterilizer(s) / autoclave(s) used for sterilization. Spore tests must be in English.

For items sterilized at a business location, provide the name and address of where the items were sterilized.

For items purchased pre-packaged and sterile, provide the name and address of the supplier(s):


Soft surfaces (grass, sand, gravel, and mud) require flooring.

Flooring at the event will be:

Cleaning and Waste Disposal

Any re-useable item will be placed into a puncture-resistant, leak proof container immediately after use. The container will be labelled 'Dirty items - do not use'. These items will be brought back to the business location for proper cleaning and disinfection.

I acknowledge the above statement:
I will use an approved sharps containers for the disposal of all sharps (e.g., needles, razors). All sharps containers will be disposed of in an appropriate manner and not with municipal garbage.
I will maintain tabletops / storage containers in a clean and sanitary manner using:
Method(s) for garbage waste disposal:
Method(s) for wastewater disposal:

Hand Hygiene

All personal service workers must perform hand hygiene before service delivery and as required during and after service.

Client Vendor Health and Safety

I will have an adequate amount of skin antiseptic and clean, single-use, disposable swabs onsite to cleanse the skin prior to any procedure where skin will be punctured such as tattooing and piercing.
I will provide clients with verbal and written after-care information after all invasive procedures.
I acknowledge:

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